The famous Project Management Triangle is insisted in each and every work, and the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are converged to project activities to meet the effectiveness of the project output.

Web-based Software Development

Ease the day-to-day activities with web-based softwares. We could develop and configure small scale software applications to large ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems.

Web Hosting, Design & Development

Web services will be complete only if we host the domain (including registration), design the website and build the webpages.

Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has become an integral part of our routine, and thereby for majority of software systems that we develop. If you have new ideas that could port our work over phone, we could make it for you.

Our company is investing in the fields of Data Science & Information Technology, Education and Agriculture. The Bread-to-Grain model of resource management is the strategy of our company. We aim to bring Wisdom in Education, Innovation in Information Technology and Self-sufficiency in Agriculture sector. We focus at the overall development of society via human effort withstanding with the true state of the nature around us, hence propagating the new meaning of Green IT.

Skill Development & Internship

In-order to fill the industry-academia gap, we are committed to provide technical and soft skill training to students of all categories and commoners.

Student Projects & Consultancy

Student community who require guidance and support for academic and non-academic projects, seminars, research works, could approach us, our developers are committed to help you. Institutes which require association with our firm in terms of MoU or Consultancy, can contact here


If you have any aspiring idea, to be propagated through pamphlets, posters, Logo, etc., we could design it for you.